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Words With Bears is software that uses the groundbreaking Kinect technology to teach language through actions.

Words With Bears is in its formative stages and would love your help. We are currently seeking:

  • A Game Designer with a healthy sense of fun and a passion for innovating in the educational game space
  • A Director of Engineering who loves people just as much as code
  • An Educational Advisor who has experience with teaching language using Total Physical Response techniques

In addition, if you are a parent, or know a child who would love a learning game like this one, we would love to chat with you.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Kinect is cheap and accessible tech ($100-150) and the market of 10M+ is only growing
  • Product will be more fun to use and learning will be more experiential
  • Product includes a platform, so different communities and developers can create decks on top of our software

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